5 Efficient Kitchen Storage Ideas


5 Efficient Kitchen Storage Ideas

Designing a new kitchen or remodelling your existing kitchen space is an exciting project, however it can be quite a feat as well, especially when you are trying to maximise the space in your kitchen. A smart combination of cabinets and fittings is essential in increasing the visual space of your kitchen and also to keep all necessities tucked away neatly. Find out how you can turn your kitchen into a more organised, functional and efficient space with these simple yet practical kitchen storage solutions.


1. Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves


Installing open shelves that go from floor to ceiling does not only create extensive storage space to hold essentials but also a grand visual statement by displaying your beautiful dishware and fine china prettily. Moreover, open shelving makes your kitchen look brighter, warmer and more welcoming, thus creating the illusion of spaciousness.


2. Under-sink Drawers


Utilising the space beneath your sink, under-sink drawers offer a convenient option for putting your household cleaning products and utensils such as detergents, sponges and floor cleaners away neatly. Under-sink drawers also offer greater convenience as well as more flexibility for space.


3. Blind-corner Cabinets


By placing two cabinets together at right angles, you will get yourself a blind-corner cabinet that adds extra storage capability to your kitchen by making use of corner spaces. Adding independent roll-out shelves to your blind-corner cabinet will also help to bring your kitchen items into full visibility and bring about numerous organisational opportunities.


4. Counter-depth Refrigerators


A counter-depth refrigerator fits in seamlessly with your kitchen without protruding from the cabinetry, thereby creating a more streamlined look. Besides generating more storage possibilities for added cabinets, this type of fridge also makes it easier to organise and access to your kitchen contents.


5. Single-bowl Sinks


Many people might prefer a double-bowl sink instead of a single-bowl one due to its narrower width size. However, single-bowl sinks are not only very versatile and convenient to work with in any size of kitchen, especially in smaller kitchens, they also free up a lot of usable counter space. Single-bowl sinks offer more flexibility as well.