5 Types of Kitchen Layouts


5 Types of Kitchen Layouts

A kitchen is so much more than just beautiful cabinets and high-tech kitchen appliances. While the heart of your home definitely needs its own style and colour scheme, we for sure cannot ignore the most important part of the whole design process, which will determine the whole functionality of your kitchen. A kitchen layout focuses on the placement of important aspects of a kitchen such as sinks, countertops, windows, doors, furniture, cabinets and appliances, therefore, it is absolutely essential for you to first map out your most functional layout.





  1. One-Wall Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is mostly suitable for small homes whereby all cooking tools, appliances, counter spaces and cabinets are easily accessible along a single wall. As an important safety consideration, counter space are presented on both sides of the range, and the sink is often placed between the range and refrigerator for clean-up convenience.


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  1. Work Triangle Kitchen

The holy grail of all kitchen layouts, this classis layout utilises maximum efficiency and minimise time effort by placing primary appliances such as fridge, sink and range at corner points of a triangular workspace.


  1. Galley Kitchen

Considered the most efficient kitchen layout as compared to the other layouts when it comes to cooking, galley kitchen make use of long, narrow space between appliances and counter space to cook. It also maximises a typically small, cramped space with alternating appliances, cabinetry, and counter space. While truly efficient for cooking, this corridor-style kitchen layout however limits interaction with family and friends as it does not have room for a dining area.


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  1. L-Shaped Kitchen

A corner kitchen consisting of two walls, this layout typically involves one main wall of cabinets and sink or range, perpendicular and adjacent to another shorter wall. An L-Shaped kitchen has open concept spaces which can accommodate more than one cook, thereby allowing interaction and conversation between cooks and guests.


  1. U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen layout is designed to accommodate only one primary cook with a lot of counter and cabinet spaces. Connecting to the rest of the home by keeping one side open, the U-shaped kitchen is usually quite small and offers no space for a kitchen table and chairs.