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5 Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen

5 Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen

Want to freshen up your living space? Or is your kitchen ready for a new look? Here are some ways you can update your kitchen for a standout look that will take you through 2015 and beyond.


1. Minimalist Colour Palette


For a look that’s both classic and modern, switch up your kitchen with a minimalist colour palette. Neutrals like white and grey make good choices for a clean, timeless look; if you prefer a pop of colour, try painting your cabinetry with a dusky blue-grey for instant style cred.


2. Metallic Kitchen Cabinets


Metals are a key trend in kitchen design, and for a good reason too. Neo-metals like chrome and brushed aluminium are easy to clean, plus it’s a look that will never lose its shine! Try having these materials in your kitchen hardware, lighting and other fixtures for a quick update.


3. Modern Lighting Options


As with any other living space, a kitchen ought to be well lit. Create the perfect ambience for your kitchen with recessed lighting for a minimal, modern touch. And don’t forget to throw in a dimmer switch too; that way, you can be sure to have the perfect mood on hand for any occasion, be it for a dinner party with friends, or a cosy midnight tête-à-tête.


4. Open Plan Kitchen


They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and here’s how you can make the most of it: with an open kitchen space. Perfect for intimate gatherings and cook-outs with friends and family, an open kitchen is a must-have for any home.


5. Personalise Your Space


Last but not least, don’t forget to make your space truly your own with simple decorative touches. Display your finest china in a glass cabinet, or your favourite cookbooks on a geometric shelf. A vase of flowers on the counter-top, or better yet, a well-stocked cookie jar are great homey additions too.