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Turn 7 Kitchen Cabinets into a bed your kid is sure to thank you for!


Turn 7 Kitchen Cabinets into a bed your kid is sure to thank you for!

If you’re stuck trying to find something special for your kid this year then take a look at what this man did for his daughter. With just seven kitchen cabinets of different sizes, Chris puts together the best gift a kid could get for their bedroom. Do this and you could be the next best dad/mom in the world! No, that’s hardly an overstatement.

Kitchen Cabinets into Beds!

Watch the video below as Chris Heider explains the entire process step-by-step of how to build his ‘platform storage bed’, from the dimension requirements of the kitchen cabinets and space required to arrangement and clamping of the cabinets followed by the supporting platform. The end result is this ingenious, modern bed design with steps rising up from the floor and lots of storage space! He’s even thought of leaving one of the shelves with no back panel on so that the empty space underneath can be accessed.

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Sturdy and Affordable

Wherever Chris got his idea from, we’re grateful that he decided to share it. It’s hard to come up with something special and personalized for a loved one these days that’s super functional to boot. On the first link in the video description you’ll find the details and instructions. The project costs somewhere between US$480, with the cabinets themselves costing about US$355 and has been tested to support the weight of three full-sized adults and two dogs.

And there you have it! For those who are feeling a little creative feel free to modify or improve. Necessity is the mother of creation, so take notes of what you need and start working from there. Perhaps you’d like to do some scaling up to allow more than one person to share the bed? Or a folding breakfast/meal tray holder/table-thing so that could can really pamper the resident bed-dweller.

Or perhaps you know of suitable, better (like aluminium kitchen cabinets, though metal is more difficult to work with) or cheaper materials to replace the parts with. Whatever you do be sure to make safety a priority (e.g. be sure the materials are able to support the weight planned, exposed edges put out of the way and rough surfaces are free of splinters, etc.)

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