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APRESI, inspired and derived from the word “appreciation”, emphasizes the company’s dedication to constantly deliver quality products and service experience, and ultimately to bring on added value to consumer’s life by offering a kitchen that is adaptable to individual   needs and capable to make day to day life easier and more enjoyable.

Believing that the kitchen is the heart of a home, APRESI pays close attention to the design, material, technology and users’ needs; revealing the essence of a APRESI kitchen while preserving its complexity.  APRESI, inspired and from the word appreciation, Apresi articulates the company’s dedication in providing quality products and services that give added value to consumers’ life by offering a kitchen that accommodates individual needs and lifestyle.

With APRESI, everything is design around you, to imbue with the way you cook, the way you move about and the way you live.


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    MATERIAL  – 100 % Aluminium Cabinet Carcase & Door Frames

    Aluminium cabinet carcase and cabinet door frames make sense as keep their shape, and value  – throughout their long life span.  Alumimium has the superiority on the wood as it is rust- rot- and termite-proof; and has extraordinary resistance against corrosion and moist and is fully recycable and environmental friendly.

    Our aluminium carcase and cabinet door frame profiles are available in anodized finish and high quality powder coated and woodgrain coated finish.

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    APRESI kitchen is available with a spectrum of modules designs, functions, dimensions, finishes and colours. Cabinets can be adapted easily to define spaces based on the needs of each individual user and the specific characteristics of the kitchen. Glass fronted cabinet doors are carefully bevelled and polished on their edges  – taking away the chips and gouges and smoothes the naturally sharp edges of the glass for safety reason.  Handleless door design with integrated door handle groove in aluminium, fitted to the units to give space for your hands to easily reach behind the door or drawer.  Our aluminium door frame profiles mitre joints are strengthened by patented brackets to deliver extra durability and support for the stylish inserts.

    We have an eye for details for what you see; and we have a heart for details for what you don’t see.

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    FUNTIONALITY – Intelligent Technology

    Meticulous thoughts are put into inner organisation system in every APRESI kitchen. Furthermore integration of modern technology with prestigious brand like Hettich, Hafele and Kessembohmer to create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality and design.

    APRESI Kitchen is the first kitchen partner in Malaysia, endorsed by Hettich with a 25years limited warranty.

Why Aluminium?

  • Corrosion resistant qualities and resistant to weathering under a range of harsh environmental conditions.

  • Non-combustible material which is safe even in high temperature environment , does not burn or release toxic fumes.

  • Hassle free maintenance – won’t swell, crack, split or warp. Free from Termites  infestion threat.

  • Environmentally sustainable material and infinitely recyclable.

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