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APRESI, a leading aluminium-based home furnishing products and kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Malaysia. We strive for continuous expansion, hence we are always actively seeking strategic partners to develop long-term partnerships with.

With our 20 years of extensive working experience in home furnishing industry, large production capacity, advanced machinery and equipment as well as R&D capabilities, we are able to enjoy the economies of scale, produce unique design and exclusive materials and subsequently expand our distribution network nationwide, as well as overseas.

Being an established brand synonymous with quality, APRESI products are definitely in high standards. We hope many more people will benefit from APRESI’s refined and ergonomic products that are adaptable to individual needs as well as are capable to make their everyday lives easier.

APRESI’s valued business partners will receive benefits including:
1. Innovative Product Designs
2. Access to Extensive Technical and Design Resources
3. Professional Tecnical and Design Advices
4. Product Training Programme and Installation Training Programme
5. Extensive Marketing Supports

At APRESI, we value the commitment as well as contribution each strong and reliable business partner offers in supporting our growth and development. For those interested, please complete the following steps:
1. Get in touch with our Sales Representative
2. Allocate a space to display our product in your showroom
3. Provide our Sales Representative with your showroom layout
4. Arrange staff training
5. Installation and Renovation in progress
6. Promote APRESI products

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