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Lammin – Stylishly Efficient


Lammin – Stylishly Efficient

For a kitchen that’s as good as it looks, try Lammin. Designed to complement any home, Apresi’s latest offering is beautifully modern, and offers maximum efficiency for making the most out of your kitchen.

Intelligently Designed for a Better Kitchen

electrical-dish-cabinet-customFeaturing nested drawers and ergonomically-designed cabinetry, Lammin serves to help you work better and faster in the kitchen. Customised fitting systems are available, as are adjustable storage spaces, so you can have your kitchen any way you want it, to suit your cooking needs.



Need help putting away the groceries, or a space to prep things for the microwave? Fully extendable, pull-out drawers can be fitted to serve as a table space for you to work hassle-free, without ever leaving the counter. Lammin’s highly compartmentalised storage system also ensures that your kitchen stays clutter-free for a greater peace of mind.


Integrate Work and Play

Make your kitchen the centre of your home with Lammin’s L-shaped open kitchen layout, which features a multi-tasking island for families to work, cook and play together. Besides serving as a dining space, the island doubles up as a workspace and play area too, so you can take your work into the kitchen, and your kids don’t have to be left unsupervised while you tend the stove.


Stylishly Functional



Highly adaptable and beautifully designed, Lammin is the perfect kitchen storage solutionfor any home. With its sleek aluminium cabinetry that’s both durable and rust-proof, it promises to be a kitchen for keeps.