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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas For The Small Kitchen


Modern Kitchen Design Ideas For The Small Kitchen

Yes, we all want our kitchen space to work for us. We want our tiny kitchens to run like clockwork, look like a palace but cost less than the all the pennies in the pocket of the dormouse from the Mad Hatter’s tea party (a reference from Alice in Wonderland, “A Mad Tea-Party”, in case some of you were wondering). Ideally, we’d like to use it but not have to keep cleaning it because it’s HARD WORK and GREASY BUSINESS. Sadly, like most things in life you just can’t have it all. But perhaps our kitchen space remedies below can help make it a little better. So without further ado here are our tips on small kitchen design that will save your sanity.


1. Obey the Golden Kitchen Triangle!

Like what was showcased at Apresi’s exhibition at Homedec 2016 as to what a modern kitchen design should be, it’s a good idea to follow the rules of the Golden Kitchen Triangle (better known as the kitchen work triangle). Used by interior designers, the kitchen work triangle describes the best dimensions that a kitchen should take to maximize working efficiency – where the sink, stove and refrigerator are placed at the points of a triangle of which the sum of the lengths of its sides should not 10 feet and no greater than 25.  Too small and there won’t be enough room to move about; too spaced out and you’d probably do a marathon a day in the kitchen.

modern kitchen design kitchen work triangle 1

An illustration of a kitchen work triangle, created by yours truly!


2. Decking out with cabinets and shelves.

Very often vertical space is often overlooked leading to wasted storage potential. Even if you’re a minimalist at heart there’s no harm making the most of all available space. It doesn’t matter if its a small or large kitchen, good planning is a must – and that is to deck out your kitchen space (neatly, of course!) with cabinets and shelves. All the way up to ceiling, yes, that’s how it should be. While you might be tempted to install cabinets that are a meter deep, keep in mind the kitchen work triangle rule above. Also, it *might* prove difficult to retrieve stuff that’s been stacked away behind tiny mountains of kitchenware, don’t you think?

Modular aluminium kitchen cabinets are a great choice!

3. Say “Yes” to longer counters. 

When I was growing up I became accustomed to having to work magic in small work spaces, and somehow managed to do it (now, I just need to bite onto this… dere… nuf tu doo dis…). But, wow, was I spoiled for choice once I discovered the secret of MORE WORKING SPACE. Please readers, do yourselves a favour – self-diagnose to see if you suffer any of the above-mentioned symptoms (like yours truly) be sure to get treated immediately!

modern kitchen design cluttered counter 1

Exemplary of what you’d typically find on a kitchen counter.

The kitchen counter is where a lot of the work takes place. While the counters may look long enough at the showroom REMEMBER that this is before it starts to get cluttered up with stuff like coffee makers, microwaves, blenders, kettles or even non-functional decor. While you could technically store all this away neatly in the cabinets advocated in point 2, who has the time to do that ALL THE TIME?

(To be continued next month!)