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APRESI kitchen defines its own style within the kitchen furnishings market, is refreshingly fashionable and amazingly eternal with its material – Aluminium, of which expresses refined style, great practicality and functionality, and ultimately a convincing durability assurance.

Our Modular Series is available in a spectrum selections of designs, finishes and colours. Easily adaptable to define spaces based on the needs of each individual user and the specific characteristics of the kitchen – by combining modular units and the interplay of volume and space and the sophisticated balance of work units with their different functions.


SIMPLICITY – Designed for a young couple to enjoy their relaxing time at home. This single line kitchen has the emphasis of making the space looks not too clustered, yet providing the necessities and storage spaces at the same time. This kitchen has a practical layout with a fridge, cooking hood and hob, as well as a sink.

Naturally bright with a flood of daylight from the windows, showcasing a space composition that constructs the setting for a comfortable and modern kitchen. It’s modern, but warm – the best of both worlds.


INGENUITY – A warm and futuristic kitchen with handleless design in a hue of modern red. The door flaps are made of glass, which in turn create a sense of spaciousness even in the tiniest kitchen space. The thought of having an organized and dedicated space where the room flows into a relaxed living area is very appealing.

APRESI kitchen can be small and still create maximum visual impact.


DIVERSITY – A spacious kitchen that mixes shades of the trio to excellent effect and injects the comtemporary space with a shot of glamour. Choosing a stronger colour for bottom cabinets anchors the room without overpowering it. Doing so also can be a creative and less intimidating way to incorporate colours into this function-driven room.

The black and grey base cabinets make the appliances stand out less and look better, while the bright white upper cabinets blend into the wall, giving the visual impression of a larger room.

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