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Apresi Solid Wood Malaysia

APRESI Solid Wood Panels are made of best natural wood. lamellas that sorted carefully are glued together, forming large blocks that feature minimized cracks while providing even wood pattern. these well-crafted solid wood panels with enduring strength making aPRESI Solid Wood Panels incredibly durable and ideal for furniture application.

The benefit of incorporating solid wood into your home furnishings is even greater when it comes to making one’s dream home a reality as it is what gives a home its ultimate charm and appearance. therefore, having beautiful furnishings in a home can make a significant difference.

100% Solid Wood

100% solid wood

Apresi Solid Wood Table

Why Choose APRESI Solid Wood Panels:

  • Model Stability
  • No wood defects
  • Maximum bearing capacity
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Pure natural environmental product
  • Able withstand the wear and tear over the years
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Beauty beyond time

Our Strengths

High Quality Glue and treatment oil

Glue plays an important role in extending the lifespan of a solid wood panel. Consequently, to ensure the products are of top quality, D4 class glue along with the turbo-harderner are used in fabricating APRESI Solid Wood Panels. the D4 class glue serves as the main water resistant bonding while the turbo-harderner acts as an added bond. With D4 glue, APRESI Solid Wood Panels are able to withstand up to a maximum temperature of 75 celsius. a high quality treatment oil is applied to protect the wood panels from damage and give a nice sheen to the surface of the solid wood panels. Shall the clients request for better functionality, an outdoor project-based treatment oil with extra ultraviolet protection could be applied upon being informed.

strenght of apresi

Class-A Solid Wood Panel

The grade of a solid wood panel could directly influence the value and aesthetic of the final product. To be consistent with our vision to offer high quality products, APRESI Solid Wood Panels are categorized under Class-A wood panels which feature the best surface. the general characteristics of the Class-A panels include:

  1. Knots within 5mm
  2. Natural colour difference
  3. No black knots
  4. Free of sap and core wood
  5. Minimized discoloration through oxidative reactions



Ash is a wood with a light to medium brown colour. The grain is almost always straight and regular. Ash consists of straight grains with a coarse texture. However, curly or figured boards could be found sometimes. Ash is naturally possessing good strength properties for its weight and at the same time improving its shock resistance.

thickness: 19mm and 40mm

Oak is a wood panel range from light to medium brown colour. Oak has a medium to coarse texture similar to Ash. Oak is one of the most popular hardwood in the world. Oak presents an exeptional value for all the application which explains why it is so widely applied in furniture making.

thickness: 19mm and 40mm


Solid wood panel oak

European Walnut

European Walnut

European Walnut may range from the colours of lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. European Walnut will normally comes with the straight, but sometimes irregular grains. It has a medium texture and moderate natural luster. A historically recognized premium wood that will make all the applications look classy.

thickness: 19mm and 40mm

Thermo Ash shares the similarity traits with Ash. However, Thermo Ash may turn into dark brown due to the thermo-treated process. Additional stability and durability will be achieved with the thermo-treated process by heating the wood to 215 celsius. After the process, moisture, bacteria, and acids are removed to provide protection against fungal attack, rot and mould.

thickness: 19mm and 40mm

Thermo Ash


Solid Wood top

timeless Style

An ideal table top for all Kitchen

APRESI Solid Wood Panels come with a range of colours and textural patterns, they bring new and refreshingly beauty, warmth and depth to any kitchen style.

  • Natural warm feel
  • Very hygienic and resistant to bacteria
  • Wood colours mature with age
  • Scratches and marks can be sanded

A solid wood panel would make sense for a chef preparation area, a dining counter or a food chopping block. In fact, solid wood is the only table top material that highly recommended for cutting, slicing and chopping

Solid Wood Top

Warm Up with APRESI Solid Wood Top

Introducing nature into a home, APRESI Solid Wood Kitchen Tops act as an important entity that will make a home feel welcoming. Integrate solid wood top to modern and sleek aluminium cabinet carcase, simple yet versatile.

You Design,

We Make It!

Have you always wondered to have something exclusive?

Make your own customized furniture that suits your style. Here’s how it works. Just let us know your requirements, we will try our best to turn your requirements into a reality.

You Design and We make it

wood care

Wood Care

Wide away spills of water and other liquids after used

Dust regularly with a soft microfiber cloth

Avoid prolonged stay of wet objects on the worktop

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight that might cause the wood to fade and crack

Due to the fact that Solid Wood Panels are not weather resistance, therefore the panel is not recommended to be used in saunas, places that expose to intensive solar radiation, high-frequency radiation, etc.

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