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Vanity Cabinet

“ Wood in the Bathroom? ”

Something Entirely New

Solid Wood is definitely a good choice of materials that could be used in high humidity area. Research shows that many of the solid woods are naturally resistant to water, and the use of Solid Woods in bathroom will soon become a trend.
Breathing a new life into the bathroom with our APRESI vanity cabinet, the integration of beatiful wood fronts and countertop along with aluminium-based carcase, this innovative combination creates warmth where everyone would enjoy at every single space and would definitely brighten up your life in the early morning.

The importance of a well-designed vanity cannot be underestimated. In a high humidity space in most of the bathrooms, a vanity cabinet casted in aluminium will definitely be an innovative solution to keep all your day-today essentials neat and out of sight.

Vanity Cabinet

Give your bathroom a brand new look by adding or replacing a new vanity cabinet to your bathroom. Just decide the size and style that suit your bathroom and choose your preferred design from our comprehensive range of vanity cabinet designs.

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Shoe Cabinet

The endless possibilities with designs offered by interlacing and combining different units and materials that speak for personal taste and style. Be it an indoor or outdoor shoe cabinet, APRESI shoe cabinet collection expresses refined style, great practicality and functionality.

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