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Small Space Solution with Big Style

The APRESI storage cabinets collection features clean lines and contemporary finishes that promote relaxation by bathing you in simple pleasures. They look great when combined with the cool and contemporary characteristics of today’s star materials – aluminium, glass and mirror. The ingenious storage area allows all your provisions to be tucked away in organised and attractive compartments, as not to detract from the serious style presented by the exterior of the very contemporary APRESI collection. Choose from a palette of exterior colors and textures.


A smart combination of cabinets and fittings is essential for small space like toilet and bathroom, but choosing the right material is what makes your settings last. In a high humidity space in most of the bathroomsm, a vanity cabinet casted in aluminium will definitely do away your worries of rust and corrosion.

The cantilevered bathroom vanity below sink provides spacious storage for all the essentials. It is wall-mounted to free up valuable floor space and allow easier cleaning and maintenance.


Spa Cabinet with mirror provides a flexible dynamic hide away for toiletries discreetly behind the mirror fronts. The cabinet takes up little space as it is shallow and small shelves within cabinet keeps toiletries in easy reach. A cutting-edge and functional open shelf object that can also be used as a display.

Ideal for small spaces where storage is scarce, the full-length utility cabinet delivers fashion and function to your bathroom, and restores a little order into your hectic routine. The cabinet offers a place for every essential out of sight, yet easily on hand.


You can easily have and find all the pieces stored in the cabinet as the shelvings create a better line of sight.
Another plus point, the ventilation panels discreetly incorporated at the base of the shoe cabinet to drain off odour.

A wall mounted or cantilevered shoe cabinet saves floor space as well as keeping the entrance or hallway free from clutter at the same time.


Prolong the life of your shoes by keeping pairs in a shoe cabinet with doors. Not only will they protect your shoes from dust, but also keeping all the stored items behind door – simply neat and out of sight.

Free-standing shoe cabinet can be placed and shifted as you go and need. Transform the space you have into the space you need.

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