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An ergonomically planned kitchen actually makes a big difference day after day. A good kitchen design means being able to create space and incorporating ample storage facilities to fit in all the necessary appliances, even in the smallest kitchen. Thoughtful organization of workspace will facilitate helping hands and making cooking a celebration.

Our Customized Series offers endless possibilities with design, structure, kitchen flow and feel by interlacing and combining the custom made units and even with state-of-the-art accessories, fittings and fixtures, that accommodates individual needs and lifestyle to speak volumes for personal taste and style. With the uniquely-yours APRESI kitchen, everything is design around you, to imbue with the way you cook, the way you move about and the way you live.


SERENITY OF WHITE – A minimalist elegant kitchen with clean cabinetry and countertops, all finished in matte white with few details that infuses order into this traditionally chaotic space. The sleek lines construct a welcoming visual appeal and conveys a sense of luxury.

This multi-functional kitchen provides ample storage space, along with a large island for better food preparation and more sitting area that enhance the overall cooking and dining experience.


WHITE ON WHITE – The use of white not only makes a kitchen looks bigger and airier, it also provides a clean canvas for showcasing other elements to create an inviting, enchanting and functional kitchen.

Glossy white glass fronted cabinet door and a solid black countertop in the kitchen create a modern background for cooking at home and impose a feeling of contemporary habitable space on the whole apartment.


SOPHISTICATED & REFLECTIVE GREY – Warm, deep greys add sophistication and style with ease.
This contemporary kitchen with clean and well-defined lines and glossy mirror fronted surfaces
undoubtly add a sparkle and hip element.

A daring approach to bring together both black carcase and reflective grey door fronts is equally
audacious and prominent. Posh and urbane, black is for those who love a hint of minimalism in
their kitchen.


BOLD & MINIMAL BLACK – Here is another kind of minimalistic in dark overtones. It is all about following the modern design outlook of clean and well-defined lines. The open display chest and tall cabinets are decorative and ergonomic.

This kitchen is for those who see darker and sober template as an ideal choice for their classy urban residence.

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