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Wardrobe & Walk-in Closet

Tailored To Suit Your Lifestyle and Personality

A wardrobe (or Walk-in Closet is) a space expressing lifestyle and individuality. A custom designed walk in closet can be a beautifully organized area to use for everyone in your family and the space of intimacy and sharing. APRESI wardrobe system offers a new concept in wardrobe or walk-in closet – a truly flexible storage system with maximum compositional versatility, functionality and aesthetics to your space.


Truly the most flexible storage concept – an optimal solution when you want to synergize changing room, closet, make-up station and even the lighting solution into one, this walk-in closet presents a totally unique concept in wardrobe management.

It is a tailor-made and personalized design caters for your personal needs, along with the flexibility that allows the system to change as your needs do.


This unique design, consists of aluminium main post uprights combined with open shelves or hanging rails, creates an “open structure” that will suit any linear, L-Shape or U-Shape wardrobe composition. The design can be configured with or without back paneling, providing flexibility to meet a variety budget requirements. Main post is available with anodized or powder coated finish for surface appearance.
This modular storage and shelving system can also be used to create shelving for home entertainment, TV and audio systems, as well as workspace for your home office. The combination of aluminium posts, drawers, shelf panels, and your creativity.


Internal fittings like drawers, decorative panels,and hardware featured in varieties of materials and finishes, can be integrated freely to complete the functionality of your wardrobe storage space. The modular nature of the system allows you to create and adapt better use of storage space with the added ability to extend this flexible solution in the future if your needs change.

Free standing drawer unit is suitable for storage of personal garments. Drawer organizers keep items neat and easily within reach.

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