Tiny, but Mighty: Introducing Enkel by Apresi


Tiny, but Mighty: Introducing Enkel by Apresi


Who says small kitchens don’t work? Enter Enkel, Apresi Kitchen’s brand-new smart storage solution, designed for even the smallest of homes.


A Place for Every Tool


Say goodbye to clutter with Enkel’s fuss-free storage system, which features pull-out drawers with custom inserts that make organising cutlery and kitchen tools a breeze. Keep your favourite condiments and cooking essentials within reach with ergonomically designed racks and cabinetry; odds and ends too will be able to find a home when you use Enkel’s adjustable storage system.


Storage That Works

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A wide range of fitting systems are available for creating the perfect storage, and even the smallest of corners can be turned into handy shelving areas to maximise your kitchen space. Enkel also features state-of-the-art shelving technology, with its electronically enabled cabinets that allow for easy access and silent closure at the touch of a button.


It’s easy to go green with Enkel. Make recycling a part of your life by installing a waste-sorting system in your kitchen. The sleek cabinetry that Apresi uses is environmentally friendly too! Apart from being corrosion-resistant and termite-proof, you will be pleased to know that the aluminium carcases and doorframes are 100% recyclable.


A Kitchen for Life

The importance of a well-designed kitchen cannot be underestimated. The adjustable fixtures that Enkel provides ensure that yours will be a kitchen for life. Whether you’re a young couple or a family of four, Enkel’s space-saving, durable features allow for maximum efficiency with minimal clutter, making your kitchen a truly functional and habitable place to be.